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A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith - A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith By:  Gavin Ortlund © ExploreGod.com Could science and faith be complementary? Take a look at what Christians think. Click here to download a hard copy of this article. Views on the relation of science and faith cluster around three basic schools of thought. First, science and faith are perceived to be… Read More »A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith
What is Truth? - What Is Truth? By:  Jason Malec © ExploreGod.com Join us in a humble conversation around this critically important question. Jesus answered . . . “In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” “What is truth?” retorted Pilate.1 Truth is a loaded… Read More »What is Truth?
What is Atheism? - What Is Atheism? By:  Ian Birnbaum © ExploreGod.com What is atheism? What do atheists believe? Is atheism a religion? Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t prove a negative”? Because nonbelief can’t be described in the same way that belief can, summing up atheism can be a difficult project—akin to herding cats. Atheism has no central rule structure. Since… Read More »What is Atheism?
Has God left us to ourselves? - Has God Left Us to Ourselves? By:  Norton Herbst © ExploreGod.com Deism states that God created the world then left us on our own. Is this true? I was scarce fifteen when . . . some books against Deism fell into my hands. . . . It happened that they wrought an effect on me quite contrary to what was… Read More »Has God left us to ourselves?
Exploring God - View the video for Exploring God.   Read More »Exploring God
Where is God? - Where Is God? By:  Auburn Layman © ExploreGod.com How can God be active in our lives if he’s not here with us? We’re already totally in the presence of God. What’s missing is awareness. David Brenner Have you ever looked around you and wondered, Where is God? Perhaps, for you, it was a particularly gorgeous day outside; you could feel… Read More »Where is God?
Pentecost Power - The Pentecost Power  The Pentecost power – not just for one day – It’s the power to the people – it’s the power for the way. The Spirit gives the power to believe the Word That the Father sent us Jesus as our King and Lord. It’s a life-giving Spirit, we are now born again; It’s the truth-telling Spirt: we… Read More »Pentecost Power
New Year’s Believing - cold, clear night moon wandering low in the west end of a day, of a month, of a year   in the darkness, we long for sleep in our sleeping, we hope to awake in our waking, we yearn for renewal new year, new day renewed energy, courage, hope, opportunities   we count planetary revolutions and orbital trajectories hours, days,… Read More »New Year’s Believing
Re:Words - The Gospel-writer John put it this way: The Word became flesh and dwelled among us. In college classes, I struggled with the concept of a word becoming flesh. How could sound or ideas walk around? Then the light dawned: our lives are defined by words. Words are our tools for learning and expression. Words are our predominate means of conversation.… Read More »Re:Words
Confused? The WAY of life - Migratory birds are known to fly thousands of miles to find places for feeding, mating and nesting. Sea creatures can navigate through vast oceans in their life cycles. Ants cooperate in excavating nests, building food reserves and enlarging their colonies. Why are we humans so confused about our lives and our plans? The apostle Paul wrote of the internal struggle… Read More »Confused? The WAY of life
Weary? Here is RESToration! - The motor finally consumed the last drops of fuel. A final puff of smoke came out of the pipes. It was exhausted! Puns aside, when my motor runs out of fuel, when I am exhausted, my soul is weary. Having neither the desire to complete the task, nor the energy to proceed, my momentum comes to a halt. What has… Read More »Weary? Here is RESToration!
Help! More than we can imagine - John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the words for generations: "Help me, if you can, I'm feeling down -- help me get my feet back on the ground."  Another of their hits celebrated: "We get by with a little help from our friends." A Facebook meme observes that some of us have reached the wonder years -- I wonder where… Read More »Help! More than we can imagine
Fear? Forget about it! - The Lord is with you. Jesus asked his friends this question: "Why do you worry about tomorrow?" Well, most of us would respond, we have good reason to worry. The world around us is full of evil and sinful people; our planet is rocked with earthquakes and buffeted by storms of all kinds; and even in the most prosperous nations,… Read More »Fear? Forget about it!