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The Gospel-writer John put it this way: The Word became flesh and dwelled among us.

In college classes, I struggled with the concept of a word becoming flesh. How could sound or ideas walk around? Then the light dawned: our lives are defined by words. Words are our tools for learning and expression. Words are our predominate means of conversation.

Jesus, the Word made flesh, lives out our words in his life, ministry and resurrection. Parables are word-pictures. Sermons are word maps in understanding ourselves and understanding God. Words from our Lord have power to heal, to affect weather, to calm troubled hearts, to raise the dead, and to change lives.

Yes, the Lord has also given us the ability to communicate in actions and music and art. You are reading a digital text delivered to you electronically. We need and desire physical touch. Like our creator G0d, we communicate, we transmit information, we share and shape ideas. My word!

A psalmist wrote these words: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, our Strength and Redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14).  The apostle James warns us that our tongue is a difficult organ to control. (James 3) Sticks and stones can break our bones, and words can crush our spirits.

Consider these words for your life this week:



Lord, let your Word dwell richly in me, that I may be transformed by the power of your Holy Spirit. Shape and fashion me, so that my words and my actions, my sounds and my silences, bring glory to You and life and healing to others. I pray in your name, Jesus Incarnate. Amen.


Please take the time to locate, read and pray about Psalm 119:89-96; Romans 10:9-15; John 6:66-69.


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