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The Pentecost Power 

The Pentecost power – not just for one day –

It’s the power to the people – it’s the power for the way.

The Spirit gives the power to believe the Word

That the Father sent us Jesus as our King and Lord.

It’s a life-giving Spirit, we are now born again;

It’s the truth-telling Spirt: we are now God’s friends.

It’s a power-filling Spirit: miracles, and healing, too –

The healing of forgiveness, and the miracle of you!


We believe that we cannot, by our reason or our strength,

Even come to the Lord, no matter what the length.

Through the Gospel comes the Spirit to enunciate the call;

Spirit gather and enlightens and protects us from the fall.

To the Body we are joined through the life-giving water:

We are dead to sin, but we live as God’s daughters

And sons.


The Spirit was sent by the Father and Son,

Co-eternal, co-equal, our God Three-in-One.


The Spirit’s like the wind, answers blowing in the breezes,

Gives us will and direction to do what God pleases.

It removes a heart made of rock and rolls

In its place in our lives a living soul.

The Spirit, Jesus said, would be our Paraclete:

Never leaving or forsaking, giving comfort sweet,

Giving words to the mouth, giving basis for the stand,

It will never, never, ever let us out of God’s hand.

So the Spirit’s in the water, and the Spirit’s in the Word,

And the Spirit’s in the preaching and the teaching we’ve heard.

We are blessed for the journey, we are powered for the way;

We’re forgiven by the Spirit, and the Spirit helps us pray.

If it wasn’t for the Spirit, we would have no faith at all,

So give glory to the Spirit; the Spirit gives us all

We are.


The Spirit is sent by the Father and Son

Co-eternal, co-equal, our God Three-in-One.


Singing praises to the Father, living praises to the Son,

Rapping praises to the Spirit, we praise the Three-in-One.

The Pentecost power – not just for one day:

The Spirit lives inside us, helping us to say


Words (and beats in your head) provided by Pastor Martin Doering

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