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Sharing His Story

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Sermon for June 2nd, 2019

Beyond the Tomb

During this series we want to look at the appearances Jesus made to people after the resurrection. We will find that even today we experience some of the same emotions and feelings. Because Jesus rose from the dead our eternity has been changed. Every day we can be reminded that the story is never over, and Jesus has something to say about our lives.

Week 6- Sharing His Story  

Today Jesus shares His mission of the Church. Jesus knows that shortly He will ascend to the Father. He must choose His words carefully and give them great weight. Jesus says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” The words that follow are a part of what is known as The Great Commission. This mission is certainly a Co-mission, meaning there is a partnership. God sends his Church with the promise that no matter where they go, God goes with them. The Church has been given a task and a promise, what is holding us back from taking it on?

Listen to the message and be challenged by God's Word.